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"Children Songs, Vol. 1" (Nepal)

This is a tape that my parents acquired while we were stationed in Nepal, sometime between 1985 and 1988. I believe it was produced/recorded by someone they knew through the school my brother and I went to, but I have not been able to find out exactly who made it. I know that the schoolchildren singing are Nepali, and can infer that the tape was most likely produced by a teacher.

The music is mostly synthetic, but I believe I can hear occasional live instrumentation such as tablas in the background. There are songs in English and in Nepali. Through a contact of my mother, there is a loose translation of the song titles in the notes below.


1.Kopila Hu
[I am a flower bud]
2. The more we get
3. Basuriko Dhunsanga
[With the music of the flute]
4.Hot Cross Buns
5.Ka Kha Ga Gha
[These are the first four characters of the Nepali alphabet, like A B C D)
6.One one sun
7.Maro Gau Jyamire
[Jyamire, My Village]
8.Ding Dong Bell
9.Malekhuko pul bhatkiyo
[The bridge over the River Malekhu is broken]

1. Nepalka Hami Sana
[We are small, we are from Nepal]
2.This old man
3.Yumi chaymha laya du (Newari)
Batoma Yeuta Kamila Cha (Nepali)
[There is an ant on the street]
4.My bonnie lies over the ocean
5.Row, row, row your boat
6.Karyasil Jindagi
[Life with much accomplished]
2.Jun Deshko Matoma
[In the soil of the country]


Reviewer: Raj Maharjan - - June 23, 2012
Subject: Excellent record!
This is one of the best records I have come across in my life. My dad got cassette of this record for my little sister decades ago and we all listened to the cassette literally until the tape thinned out. Thanks to google, I am now playing the songs for my two year old daughter. She loves the songs. I would really love to hear if anyone knows where the producers and singers of this record are today. As far as I know this is the first such record. I am not aware of one after this one.
Reviewer: गैातम - - May 25, 2012
Subject: धन्यवाद
It has been long time that i listened to these songs. I am grateful to the uploader.
Reviewer: ThetanSpirit - - October 22, 2010
Subject: Thanks a lot for this priceless songs
Though I am not the student of Swarnim school, these songs used to be played in many schools. My memories are back to those childhood days after so long I heard the same music that we used to hear and dance at....
I wished I could go back to those days of the school life...
Thanks for the Swarnim School, and everyone who contributed to make this song.
And thanks a lot for that person who posted this in the internet.
Reviewer: Nabin Malakar - - July 25, 2010
Subject: Thank you
The songs still hum in my ears and I can still picture the assembly with Ramesh Sir in the front playing Harmonium and I can still hear the noise of everyone singing the songs...I can still picture the playground of the Bhurunkhel Block...
Me the third batch of Swarnim English School...Our school changed its name to Swarnim High School and again to Swarnim School... Now it is located in Dallu Awas.....
Reviewer: Sujan Sainju - - April 24, 2010
Subject: All those inspiring songs......
I had always wanted to listen to these songs which are probably the first songs that I learnt to sing while I was studying in Swarnim High School. Whenever I listen to these songs, I recall my childhood days, remember my teachers and friends, those classrooms, playgrounds, the picnic... everything. These songs are not only melodious but they tell stories of my school life and I am sure of many other students who grew up studying in Swarnim High School. Thanks to the person who posted these songs. Well done. :)
Reviewer: Shreeti - - April 22, 2010
Subject: Swarnim High School First album

Thanks for posting this album. I am third batch of Swarnim High School. I still remember those moments where we(students) used to stand in lines and sing a song "Jun na desh ko mato ma" and Ramesh sir(musician of this album) playing a harmonium.

Shreeti Tuladhar
Reviewer: Sainju - - April 21, 2010
Subject: NOSTALGIA ... tears of joy
Hi all,

Thanks a lot to the person who posted this album. Try to see if you can get volume II too. I was the student of Swarnim School and the singers were none other than my classmates. We were the first batch students of the school. Our music teacher was Raamesh Shrestha and this album is probably the first childrens' song album of Nepal. The music is not totally synthetic; keyboard rhythm is synthetic, however the lead and other background music manual i am sure of it. I still remember we students standing up in line singing these songs every morning (one song every morning besides singing lessons afterwards) right before our classes begin.
One may join 'Swarnim School' group to know more about the school, the students, teachers and its present status.

Thanking you once again for this sharing.
-Sabin Sainju
Kathmandu, Nepal
Reviewer: jibendra - - April 21, 2010
Subject: Probably first children album in nepal
The songs in this album are sung by students of Swarnim High School.Angu, Temmdo,Chetana Manandhar, Sonika, Sumitra, Rushila Chitrakar
Music Composer for these songs are Ramesh
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